How can I join your training sessions?

Simply register, and you’ll receive an invitation detailing the dates and time of our training session.

Should I pay upfront?

No. Your first session with us is free. We want you to experience the training and the vibe of our group. So you can contemplate if this is really for you before you make any investment.

Do you sell pool table and other equipment?

We don’t directly sell them. But we do recommend brands and stores that offer great deals. You can also take advantage of coupon codes on products from stores where we have affiliation with that comes with massive targeted traffic showcasing authority.

I’m good at billiards, can I still join your group?

Definitely. If you are a pro already who don’t need special training, you are still welcome to join our group. We also join tournaments while carrying our brand. We can help each other win trophies.

What’s the setup of the billiard training?

Training usually happens at the studio. The equipment is already provided. You just have to be present in order to learn. We don’t do the traditional method of training, so expect that it would be chill and natural.

How long does the billiard training session last?

It will take 3 hours per session. You can feel free to stay even your training session is over. It’s going to be fun. These 3 hours you’ll spend at the session will be a bliss.