About Us

Our Story

VES AJH is formed by a group of billiard fanatics. We meet at our favourite local bar every Friday night. We enjoyed this sport along with the company of our friends. We have no plans of taking billiards seriously until Clark joined our group. We can say that he defeated us mercilessly despite our best shots. Our group took these defeats as a challenge to defeat him. Clark is kind enough to share his best practices. And after our sessions with Clark, we became really good at playing billiards. From casual beer Friday, billiards became a serious sport for us. Our group started to join tournaments and won some trophies. VES AJH began with this simple story. The next thing we know is we are already building our brand, our own empire that is changing the views of how people view billiards.

Pro Billiard Training and Resources

Our group is continuously growing to the point that we are having a hard time finding a place that could accommodate us all. But there are breakthroughs that we found along the way to continue what we have started. If you are looking into learning billiards as a pro does, it’s time that you meet us. We also guide our members in buying the right equipment (using some discount code and how to use it to your advantage) and accessories to set up their own billiard bar at home. And if you are not convinced yet if billiards is the right sport for you, just browse our website and learn.