Pool Techniques You Should Know

In the game pools, there are two scenarios you should be familiar with: When the ball is near and when the ball is far. How are you going to hit them given the limitations you are faced with? This is the moment to show off your skills. During tournaments, you’ll be faced with a different rush of emotions, it will feel like as if you are in Amsterdam zoo or when you don’t know where to put agoda discount code upon checkout. The important part is that you stay calm and composed. Remember that you have only two scenarios, how to hit the ball when it’s too far or too close.


When the Ball is Too Far

Players will tell you that it’s easier when the ball is too far because you can use “angled shots” to hit the right ball. You don’t need a fancy trick. To master the angle shot, you have to think about 90 degrees all the time. Use your I Amsterdam card cue stick in measuring the angle. Put the cue stick in direct line with the object ball and the pocket. Look at the angle based on the object ball’s position, and determine the impact point. Then use your intuition on how strong you should hit.

When the Ball is Near

billiardsThis situation needs extra care. You cannot hit too strong or too shallow. It’s important to remember that the impact will not be centered. The balls will touch on the sides, so you have to determine the impact point on the object ball. Will it cause the object ball to move in the right direction? If the answer is no, then you have to look for angles that will do the trick. To be successful in this scenario, you have to practice a lot. This is an advanced principle to adapt as a player.

Never Stop Learning

Even pro players experience uncertain scenarios during a game. Billiards will test your intuition as a player. You can only develop this intuition by knowing advanced principles to get you through. You can also try to buy books from online shops like lazada and zalora using your 10 euro coupon, but we only recommend this if you at least know the basics or else, everything on the book will sound alien to you.